WORLDWIDE MANUFACTURER and DISTRIBUTOR Since 1941 Magnetic Shield Corporation, a division of Perfection Mica Company, is the premier supplier of custom magnetic shielding alloys and custom Built shields.


Evaluation Lab Kit
Fabrication With Co-NETIC®
MuRoom® Wall Shielding and Enclosures
Evaluation Lab Kits
Magnetic Shield Corp. recommends “hands-on”experimentation with use of our Co-NETIC®
alloy samples included in the Magnetic Shielding
Lab Kits. Not only do you receive a wide range of selected gauges, you receive a technical binder to guide you through experimentation, sampling and prototyping. Our Lab Kits include an assortment of Co-NETIC® and NETIC® magnetic shielding alloys
in our most popular gauges. Many customers start
here – our
Magnetic Shielding Lab Kits are an inexpensive alternative which will help save overall project cost down the road.

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Custom Fabrication
Co-NETIC® alloy is formulated and produced to exacting standards which allow consistent fabrication and superior final anneal.

an ISO certified company, we offer a full range of custom fabrication services. From your drawing or sketch we can waterjet, laser, EDM, shear, slit, punch, blank, stamp, chemical etch, form, bend, roll, spot-weld, heliarc weld, and/or laser weld. Using Co-NETIC® Stress Annealed alloy and Perfection Annealing after fabrication, we can produce complete magnetic shields to your drawings or specifications.

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MuRooms® & Enclosures
Using a Gaussmeter, field mapping is typically performed to determine the level, source and condition of magnetic interference.
After completion of a field survey, Perfection Annealed alloy can be applied directly to walls, floors, and ceilings. Alternatively, chambers or enclosures can be designed and constructed to provide an effective environment. Co- NETIC® AA Perfection Annealed sheet is used to custom fit the target environment along with Co-NETIC® Perfection Annealedwhich is used to seal “leak-points” and joints. NETIC® and RF shielding may also be easily incorporated into these designs.

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